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We believe.

WeSocialWOMEN is a community founded from the heart and its purpose in Amsterdam in 2016.

We believe in the value of meaningful relationships. We will co-create the tools you need to open-up to new people and yourself. We will demonstrate how to let go of limiting beliefs, strengthen your emotional and spiritual skills and create more meaningful relationships. We know, because we’ve been there.

Instead of focusing on external results, we emphasize on your connection with yourself for internal results. We know that will make opening-up to others much easier. You will transform by stepping out of your comfort zone and learning from experience, instead of just talking. You’ll see the benefit of letting go of for example past rejections. You will feel more at ease with or without people around you.

You will no longer feel lost in life. You’ll be empowered to find your own path to a life of more freedom and love. A life worth sharing. A life as a SocialWOMAN.

What you experience at WeSocialWOMAN

Let go of limiting beliefs.

Feel comfortable opening-up to new people. Experience how to let go of the past and rejection. Know that what you have to offer is enough. Start to love yourself as who you are being.

Emotional and spiritual skills.

Be open to receive love and masculine energy. Express your vulnerability in an empowering way. Share yourself from a place of compassion and love. Learn to balance your energetic body.

Meaningful relationships.

Find the person you love to share your life with. Create a relationship of equality. Deepen and/or restore relationships with family and friends. Open-up to your inner-self to find meaning.

How to become a SocialWOMAN?

Below you'll find the steps you can take when you start your journey on becoming a SocialWOMAN. We have created clarity on how we co-create the tools you need. We come from an intention of creating a meaningful relationship.

First contact.

You start your journey with us with an online or in-person free intake. Another option is to join us in one of our almost free workshops which always have a maximum capacity of 20 people.

Investment:Free to € 20.

Second step.

If needed and we click both on a personal level, your second step in your journey is a 2 to 2.5 hours one-on-one Masterclass. You meet with one of our mentors in a city centre to take real life action.

Investment:€ 147 excl. vat.

Month+ step.

If needed, you can take a month+ step with one of our month+ programmes: Love Purely, Live Freely or Selected. These programmes are tailored to your wants and needs with your mentor.

Investment:From € 397 excl. vat.

Our service.

When you show your commitment in the month+ programme, you will be invited to our Empowerment sessions. These sessions are a service to our valued members where you can bring your friends.


Do you want to become a SocialWOMAN?

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Our services


Open-up to others and yourself.
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Hosted by ourselves or together with one of our partners.
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Love Purely.

Connect with yourself on a deeper level.
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Live Freely.

Having direction in your life.
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Pure holistic transformation.
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"I never would have expect that this much could have changed in my life in such a short time. In my love life I (finally) met a good guy, instead of the bad guys I used to meet. More and more I keep on reminding myself that the experiences in the past, made the woman I am today."

Suzanne, The Netherlands.

"Robin helped me become more relaxed in social relationships, both private and business. He has a passion for the work he is doing and I warmly recommend him."

Femke, The Netherlands.


Upcoming events.

Below and on our event page you'll find the dates of our coming workshops. These workshops have a maximum capacity of 10 people who can attend. We host these by ourselves or together with one of our friends.

24th of March.

Meet new people as an expat.

Workshop from 1 pm to 4.30 pm in Eindhoven in collaboration with Holland Expat center. More details and tickets in the link below.


12th of April.

Coaching workshop for women.

Workshop from 7 pm to 9.30 pm in Amsterdam. More details and ticket link soon.


21st of April.

Meet new people as an expat.

Workshop from 1 pm to 4.30 pm in Eindhoven in collaboration with Holland Expat center. More details and ticket link soon.


100 days of meeting new people and myself.

While I keep developing myself on trusting my heart on a deeper level, I share these periods of ups and downs in my 100-day journey. Follow my 100-day journey where I meet new people and myself.
Raw and uncut. Pure Robin.

Day 028.

Day 027.

Day 026.

More videos

About WeSocialWOMEN.

Founded from the heart.

Robin Kastermans is the founder of WeSocialWOMEN: “After trainings with mentors throughout Europe, I transformed from a guy who believed he was shy and on a certain moment too afraid to ask directions at strangers, to a social man who founded WeSocialWOMEN from the heart." It is his vision, mission and purpose to share these, and other, life experiences to empower people to find their own path to a life of more freedom and love. Together with his colleagues, who empower people too or the community in other ways, they contribute to a world where we, in our vision, all connect and share ourselves as one.

We empower men too.